Maine has  a wide variety and  abundance of natural beauty. It has been a magnet for nature lovers, explorers, outdoorspeople, hunters, hikers, campers and boaters for over 150 years.

As the state was settled and people brought their “big city” tastes to their vacation place, a wide network of cultural amenities added to the natural features. Now Maine has world class summer theater (with actors from New York, California and elsewhere), beautiful and well curated art museums and history museums, five star restaurants, the finest shops and tremendous antiques stores.


Wayne is ideally situated to take advantage of all that Maine has to offer. Wayne is located in  a way that enables you to enjoy a number of different day trips. Leave Wayne in the morning, have an adventure, and return in the afternoon, in the evening, or after dinner, and relax in the comfort of your own bed that night.

The state caters graciously to all those “from away” (visitors from out-of-state) and has a few websites that will make your vacation planning a pleasure: