Boating and Sailing

Photo of sailboat

Day sailer on the lake

With all the water in and around the village of Wayne and the state of Maine, you know that there are many different opportunities for boating and sailing. If you are planning in any boating in Maine please click this link and familiarize yourself with the State Regulations:   

The Androscoggin Yacht Club offers memberships and moorings to the public for a fee. Here is a link:

If you are planning to boat on other inland lakes and waterways it is important to check this link for legal limitations on type of watercraft or motor size allowed:


Pontoon boats (also known as party boats), fishing boats, wooden boats, fiberglass boats, waterski boats, lobster boats and row boats all are part of our lake community. Canoes, kayaks and inner tubes can be seen on the lakes and the rivers and streams. Sailboats from the smallest Sunfish up to larger day sailers can be seen calmly gliding across the water from morning to night.  Jet ski boats are not allowed on Androscoggin.


There are two boat launches available to the public. One is on Route 133, between the Corner Store and the General Store, with parking for a dozen vehicles with trailers. One is the Androscoggin Yacht Club, which maintains a public boat launch at the end of their driveway, but does not have parking spaces for vehicles with trailer in tow.


Belgrade Lake Canoe and Kayak is leasing, and here is a link

Also, the Great Pond Marina in Belgrade:

And not to be missed, the Belgrade Boat shop:

Readfield, just north of Wayne, has a new facility, Webb and Sons.

And we now have Beacon Boat Rentals right in Wayne:

Out of these five choices, one of them will fill your needs!

Photo of boat of bass fishermen.

Bass fishing on the lake.


If you love to sail, cruise or paddle on the ocean, you can bring along your own boat and launch it at any number of public boat launches.  Here is a link to a comprehensive list that you can customize to your own search needs: