Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting

Photo of someone kayaking in a rapids.

Whitewater kayaking in Maine

Paddling is a favorite pastime for many people in Maine. Wayne is no exception.

There are all manner of watercraft to be found on the lakes and ponds of Wayne (except for waterjet skiis:  they are expressly forbidden). Canoes and kayaks are a favorite mode of transportation for some fisherpeople and explorers of all ages. They are especially nimble for the streams and rivers, and at getting in close to shore and in and around some of the rocky outcroppings around the islands. Great for fishing and birdwatching!

Belgrade Lakes Canoe and Kayak will rent their boats to you, delivery and pick-up included

In addition to the waters of the village, you can take your canoe or kayak (or in some cases rent them) to a number of fun adventures on other lakes, on the rivers, and to the ocean.

If you are interested in renting a kayak or canoe, please go to our page:  Boating and Sailing

You will find a list of nearby facilities that rent all kinds of watercraft.

Photo of a kayak on a lake

Kayaking on the lake