Cary Memorial Library

Photo of exterior of Cary Memorial Library

The Cary Memorial Library


The Cary Memorial Library is another center of the Wayne community. For people with interest in books, magazines, or meeting up with friends, the library is the place to go.

There are over 12,000 catalogued volumes, plus magazines and periodicals, and access to several inter-library loan programs. The current renovation project was completed in 2013 and it is now even more pleasant to visit and linger there. The new handicap access facilities and the central air conditioning make this lovely building a place for one and all in a new, more meaningful way.

The library’s website gives a list of the events and services offered by Janet Adelberg, the head librarian, and her crew of enthusiastic volunteers. As extensive as the list is, these activities just scratch the surface of the role the library plays in the life of the community.

There is a constant coming and going at the library when it is open, with friends meeting and greeting in the course of dropping off or selecting reading material. Or using the free wi-fi (or one of the computers for public use, if you can get on them!). News of the day, latest community events, fundraisers of all sorts, whatever you might want to know about the daily pulse of Wayne, can be gleaned at the library.

The library’s catalogue is now searchable online, hosted by Library World.  Here is the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) link:   The login is CaryMemorial (all one word with two capital letters).  No password needed.


The Friends of the Library and the Library Board recently purchased the Williams House, directly across the street from the library proper. The Friends of the Library, along with other committed volunteers, have worked  tirelessly to repair, upgrade and beautify this community center. The Williams House  hosts the silent auction for the library in the summer (end of July or beginning of August). A non-stop, used book sale and boutique turns this location into Wayne’s own little bookstore!  The beautifully renovated kitchen and the main living room are ideal meeting places for smaller community groups and education sessions.

Wayne is very, very fortunate to be home to so many people with the vision and commitment to make the Cary Memorial Library such a central part of village life.