Day Trip Planner

Planning A Day Trip

Most of the places called out in this website can be visited as day trips.  Some of the day trips, especially those further away, may be very long. Even under the best of circumstances, distances (and times) between places in Maine are usually a lot further than in more populated states and areas.  Mainers are accustomed to driving to get places.

If a long delay occurs you may need to make arrangements to spend the night if you cannot return to Wayne safely.  Make sure to have a back-up plan. If you have pets left behind, be sure to make provisions for their care in your absence.

It is a big plus if your Day Trippers are flexible and good humored. Unanticipated road issues, lines to enter facilities, changes of plan during the day,  and change of weather can all contribute to making your trip longer (or shorter)  than originally planned. Going with the flow makes for a fun day, no matter what!

The following questions are always good things to ask:

  • Who is coming, how many all together, and how will we get there?
  • Where are we going and why?
  • What will we do when we are there?  Are there additional activities, sights, events we can take advantage of?
  • Will we bring food along or eat ‘en route’?
  • If we eat along the way, where will we plan to stop and when?
  • Will we need to plan for both lunch and dinner?
  • What will we need to take with us?
  • Is our trip accessible for everyone coming along?

You will probably  need to bring along:

  • Map/Directions/Phone Numbers (DeLorme’s Map of Maine is a necessity!)
  • Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Hats/Insect Repellent
  • Appropriate Shoes and Clothing
  • Additional Water
  • Enough cash or credit for gas, food, entry fees, souvenirs.

Approximate Timing

  • Leaving at Time __________
  • Travel Time_____________
  • Arrive Location at Time___________
  • Length of  Time At Location _______________
  • Leave to Return at Time ____________
  • Travel Time ___________
  • Returning to Wayne Time ________________

Each of the following requires different preparations:

  • Beach/Water
  • Boating/Sailing/Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Hiking/Camping
  • Horseback Riding
  • Museums/Historic Places
  • Shopping/Sightseeing
  • Gardens/Arboretums
  • Farms/Orchards
  • Museums/Cultural Event
  • Special Interests

This is a link for a lovely variety of maps for day trips in Maine:

Here is a super website for planning a day trip, a weekend trip, for keeping track of the things you would like to do, for all this and more:  ‘My Trip Planner’ from Visit Maine.  The trip planner is the little light green box shaped icon on the top navigation bar, at the right end just before the “search” function.  Click on the icon and start planning your trip!       There are also Free Travel Planners available by clicking on the square black icon labeled “Free Travel Planner” in the center bottom window.


Photo of Lobster Festival

Lobster Festival