Fishing and Swimming

One of the first things many people do when they get to Wayne is to get onto or into the water.

Photo of boat of bass fishermen

Bass fishing


From May through October, Lake Androscoggin is the site of a number of bass tournaments. Here is a link to the current schedule:   and here is a link for fishing licenses:

There are a number of types of fish that live in our lakes from small and large mouth bass, pickeral and trout. This link will give you more information:

There is a public boat access to the lake off of Route 133. No one in the area is renting boats for our lakes, however, if you do have a boat, canoe, kayak or smaller sailboat, the boat access will give you easy in and out. There is a small parking area at the boat launch suffiicient for a dozen boats and trailers. There is also a public access at the Androscoggin Yacht Club, but there is nowhere to park a vehicle with a boat trailer.

Photo of children in the lake

Swimming in The Lake


Swimming in Wayne can be done through the hospitality of people who live on the water, at your own home if it is lakeside, or by going to the Androscoggin Yacht Club and enjoying the beach and the swimming area.

There are swimming lessons at the Yacht Club along with sailing lessons, Family Day, barbeques and other gatherings of the community. You can lounge on the beach all day long if you like. If you have friends who are club members you can attend as a guest. If you would like your own or family membership, here is a link.