Horseback Riding

Summer visitors often come to Maine to have a new, outdoor experience.  Riding on horseback is a great way to reconnect with nature.

Photo of woman riding a horse on a sunny day

Enjoying a ride on a summer day!

Equine Now has a wonderful interactive web page.  If you enter Wayne’s zip code into the box (04284) you will find four facilities offering riding lessons and various kinds of riding, all within 20 miles of Wayne.  If you enlarge the scope you will probably be able to include some time on horseback in one of your day trips!  Fun for the whole family!

Trail riding is another way to enjoy the outdoors.  If you are going to Acadia, there are great trail rides available.  Here is a link that will tell you about it, as well as riding at two other favorite Maine locations!

A group of people riding horses in the woods

A trail ride is a wonderful way to find out about Maine!

Just be sure you go prepared to ride with shoes or boots that have at least a small heel to catch in the stirrups.  Long, comfy pants also a must.  If you are an experienced rider you know what to do.  If you are a novice, here is a link that can help you prepare to be safe and have fun!