Ladd Recreation Center

Photo of Ladd Recreation Center

Ladd Recreation Center in Winter

The Ladd Recreation Center   is one of the centers of activity for the village. Everyone in Wayne, whether year round resident or summer resident, has come to the Ladd Center for one event or another.

The Ladd Center hosts a summer recreation program for school age children through 8th grade, for both year round and summer residents. The center also hosts fundraisers for local non-profits, is the site of wedding receptions, family reunions, and the occasional Great Wayne Fair. Antique auctions, quilting club meetings, yoga classes, exercise groups, and  holiday parties all call the Ladd Recreation Center ‘home’. There is even a national fraternity that has an annual weekend campout at the Ladd Rec.

The tennis courts and baseball diamond are available for use (check with the office) and the playground and sandbox are in action all the time during the summer, even into the late evenings!