Libraries and Bookstores

Photo of Portland Public Library

Portland Public Library

Maine has a long history of celebrating literacy and reading. Libraries, bookstores and reading clubs can be found in almost every town and village.


Wayne has its own well loved Cary Memorial Library .

The state has hundreds of public libraries tucked into towns and villages big and small. From the majestic Portland Public Library to the Whitneyville Public Library

Use this list of Maine Public Libraries  to choose two or three libraries  you have never been to and make a day trip of it! 


Independently owned and operated bookstores enlarge this celebration of literacy across the state.  This link will show you all the lovely places you can visit to buy a book and maybe linger with lunch and a cup of coffee.  It lists most of the  bookstores in Maine


Antique and used book dealers are by far the most unusual of the group.  Taking an hour or an afternoon to explore the treasure trove of a used book store is a delightful way to enjoy your time in Maine! Maine Antiquarian Booksellers


One of the best things to do, in a long Maine tradition, is to support library book sales! These are a combination of fundraiser for the library, bookstore, and in some cases antiquarian book dealer. Check the website or make a phone call to libraries you are planning to visit and see if you can manage to go during a book sale!. You never know what treasure you will find.

Photo of Whitneyvillle Library

Whitneyville Library