Mountains and Valleys

Photo of Maine Mountains

Maine Mountains

Maine’s Mountains are legendary. The White Mountains, the Green Mountains, are all part of the same range that stretches from the Carolinas up through Quebec. These ancient mountains were once the tallest mountains on earth, dwarfing the Himalayas. After millenia they have eroded down to the gently sloping giants we love so much.

The mountains are home to a large variety of wildlife, of trees, of plants of all sorts. Forests and meadows are beautiful in all seasons. The rivers and lakes of the mountains have attracted boaters and fisherpeople of all kinds for at least the last century.

There are a number of State parks throughout the mountains, and the Appalachian Trail goes through the scenic best of them, ending in Baxter State Park at Mt. Katahdin.

Photo of Carrabassett River

Carrabassett Valley