Pleasant Commerce

Photo of Old Port, Portland

Old Port, Portland

The economic activities of our lovely state offer an enticing variety of choices for the serious shopper, the careful collector, and the browsing vacationer.


There is a concentration of commerce in the southeast part of the state, from Kittery up to Brunswick.  You can go to any of the coastal towns and find a variety of interesting stores and shops. The three top shopping destinations in the state are:


Kittery is a very old town.  It was the first English settlement in Maine, founded in 1632, at the mouth of the Piscataqua river,across from Portsmouth New Hampshire. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard  on Seavey Island, lies in the rivier between the two towns. There is a great beach, wonderful shopping, everything for a day trip!

Kittery boasts both a lovely old shopping area, full of unique stops, and a modern, outsize discount mall with over 120 stores   Something for everyone!


Portland is another day trip for shopping!  The Maine Mall in Portland  has over 120 stores and is surrounded by even more malls and stores.  Portland’s downtown district, called Old Port, has an ever growing number of delightful shops, restaurants and activities. A serious shopper’s paradise.


Freeport is a Maine destination spot.  The home of the LL Bean Flagship Store   Freeport has grown in the last 40 years into a shoppers mecca.  There are discount and outlet stores from very high end vendors and affordable family stores alike.


No matter what you collect, you are sure to find something in Maine to tickle your fancy!  Go online to Google, Bing or your favorite alternative search engine and type in the thing you are collecting along with the word ‘Maine’ after it.  You will find great opportunities along with a lovely trip!


The browser has a field day!  And if you are a thrifty browser, heaven on earth!

Someone once said that people in Maine furnish their homes from yard sales and thrift shops. It is a proud tradition to make your money go as far as possible. Feel right at home stopping by the little sales and stores you find along the way.

For more organized thrift try Maine’s two competitive discount stores:



Photo of LL Bean in Freeport

LL Bean in Freeport