Pottery and Ceramics

Pottery and ceramics in Maine are long venerated traditions. Hand crafted mugs and bowls have served Maine’s inhabitants for hundreds of years.

In Wayne we are blessed with two excellent pottery studios:

Photo of plate, cup and bowl from Lakeside Studio

Lakeside Studio Pottery

  • A Lakeside Studio at 12 Cedar Point Road, http://www.alakesidestudiopottery.com/ Martha Hoddinott rolls slabs, throws pots and fashions the most wonderful people and creatures in her studio right next to the lake.  Visitors welcome Thursday through Sunday!
Photo of Wayne Village Pottery

Wayne Village Pottery

  • Wayne Village Pottery on Main Street just down from the General Store http://bit.ly/118qAFj  The Saunders family, proprietors of Wayne Village Pottery, use clay that is dug directly from pits behind their home, down by the lake.  Yes, it is true Wayne pottery!
Photo of map with Central Maine Potters

Maine Pottery Tour

List of Studios

1. Fine Mess Pottery, 131 Cony St, Augusta (207)622-1003   http://www.finemesspottery.com/

2. Malley Weber, 6 Orchard Lane, Hallowell (207)607-1011 http://www.hallowellclayworks.com/

3. Loken Pottery, 26 Bowman St, Farmingdale 207-582-1387  Neal and Barb Loken with guest artists Becca Cross and Pasang Tsering http://mainepottersmarket.com/artist6.html

4. Maple Lane Pottery, 36 Greeley Rd, Windsor (207)549-3495 http://maplelanepottery.blogspot.com/

5. Mudgirl 846 Memorial Drive, Winthrop 592-4100             https://www.facebook.com/mudgirlpottery

6. A Lakeside Studio Pottery, 12 Cedar Point Rd, Wayne (207)685-8123 Martha Hoddinott with guest artist Shell Moore http://www.alakesidestudiopottery.com/

7. The Potter’s House 82 Stevenstown Rd, Litchfield (207) 582-7985 http://www.thepottershouse.com/

8. Liz Profetty 118 Old County Rd, Newcastle – Saturday Only. With guest artist Jeffrey Lipton. http://www.lizproffetty.com/

9. Mud of the Ages, Clark’s Cove Rd, Walpole (207)380-1902 

10. Salt Box Pottery, 4 Shaw Rd, Woolwich (207)443-5586 http://saltboxpottery.com/

11. Portland Pottery, 118 Washington Avenue, Portland, Maine (207)772-4334 https://www.facebook.com/Portland.Pottery