30 Mile River Watershed Map

30 Mile River Watershed Map

Wayne is truly a water wonderland! There are many lakes and ponds that are within the town boundary or can be easily accessed by water, hiking or driving.

“The 30 Mile River Watershed is a 200 square-mile rural region northwest of Augusta, Maine that encompasses over 20 lakes and ponds, many of  which form a chain referred to as the “30 Mile River.” The chain runs from Kimball Pond south to Androscoggin Lake, and includes some of the more pristine lakes in Central Maine.” -30 Mile River Watershed Association

The ’30 Mile River’ of twenty lakes and ponds starting in the north and moving southwest. These include Kimball Pond, Echo Lake, Parker Pond, Flying Pond, Lovejoy Pond, Pickeral Pond, Pocasset Lake and Androscoggin Lake, among others. More can be found at http://www.30mileriver.org/

The Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corporation (ALIC)  is a volunteer group that educates people about supporting the health of the waters of Lake Androscoggin.  They monitor boats coming into the lake, they present displays and seminars, they work with the State to maintain the dam on the Dead River that modifies the flow of water into and out of the lake, and perform a number of other helpful activities that make Androscoggin a healthy and thriving environment.  They can be reached at:  http://www.androscogginlake.org

This area also contains two of Maine’s four largest rivers: The Androscoggin River and the Kennebec River.  These two rivers unite in Merrymeeting Bay along with four other, smaller rivers, and then flow together into the ocean. Merrymeeting Bay is an amazing wildlife and bird refuge and a great place to visit!  You can go to the Steve Powell Wildlife Management Area on Swan Island by following the directions in this link:  http://www.maine.gov/ifw/education/swanisland/main_content.htm

The map below shows the larger lakes and rivers in Maine.

Map showing

Map of Maine’s larger rivers and lakes