Wayne Community Church

Photo of the Wayne Community Church

Wayne Community Church

Wayne Community Church

In the heart of Wayne is the Wayne Community Church http://www.neumc.org/churchdetail/555876 The Community Church is just that, for the entire community. All the milestones of life, large and small, are celebrated among the neighbors and friends we see and greet every day. The joys and sorrows, the proud and the difficult, all are shared and lifted up together.

The Wayne Community Church is part of the United Methodist Church New England Conference.  However, people of all denominations, indeed, of all religions, are warmly welcomed to join in the worship and celebration services. The Church is at 22 Old Winthrop Road, across from the Cary Memorial Library.  The phone is (207) 685-3505.

People in need from all walks of life, and for whatever reason, are cared for and sheltered by the Church community when the need arises. This is a true Church in every sense of the word.

Pooh Bear Nursery

The Church building is also the home of the Pooh Bear Nursery School. Pooh Bear is the beloved beginning of school and social experience for many of Wayne’s youngest and dearest citizens. https://www.facebook.com/poohbearnurseryschool/