Wineries and Distilleries

Who ever would have thought that Maine would have so many wineries and distilleries? It is a surprise to learn that there is a large and varied community of dedicated vintners and distillers throughout the state!

This description from the website Downeast Acadia: Maine’s wines are produced in at least 21 wineries, “producing grape and fruit wines, distilled spirits, meads, ciders and fortified wines”. For a more complete overview and explanation, please go to this link:


Barrels of Elderberry Wine

Barrels of Elderberry Wine

The Maine Wine Trail, website of the Maine Winery Guild, is a great central location promoting many of Maine’s wineries. Their home page lists upcoming events, Their trail map shows the locations of all the participating wineries with contact information, and they sponsor an annual Maine Open Winery Day (usually in September).

A listing that includes wineries that are not members of the Guild can be found at WineCompass . Their list also includes distilleries and breweries, but the icons on the left easily call out the wineries with little wine glasses. Distilleries have distilling vessels and breweries are marked by beer steins.

The distilleries in Maine do not appear to have a centralized organization at this time. There is no one, go-to place. This makes it harder to find nearby distilleries. However there are a couple of tools that are helpful. has an interactive map. You can scroll over the name of the distillery on the left and the map on the right will change to show the location.

And the Winecompass list, above, is also more complete.

Thrillist has a great article about distilleries in the New England.  This piece lists the Maine distilleries from page 5 to page 8.

The distilleries closest to Wayne, at this writing, are:

The brand new Sebago Lake Distillery in Gardiner

Tree Spirits in Oakland, just off 95 to the west, across from Waterville.

If you plan to take part in tastings as you visit these vinyards and distilleries, have a designated driver, travel safely and enjoy the new spirits of Maine!