Wondrous Wayne

The town of Wayne, Maine  is a treasure. People have been coming here for over 100 years to vacation, to relax, to reconnect with nature and with the calmer, more interior side of their own lives. There are so many places to go, so many things you can do from Wayne.

Photo of Antique Postcard

Summer In Maine


Wayne is magically located in the middle of Central Maine, in the foothills of the mountains, with many lakes and ponds. There are hiking trails, beaches and parks. Wayne has its small commercial center, and a growing cultural center based at the Cary Memorial Library. There is the Ladd Recreational Center for young and old, with year round activities. And the Wayne Community Church keeps everyone connected through community service, worship open to all, and a great summer barbeque.

Leaving from Wayne and going to any of a huge variety of places, and getting back again by the end of the day, is easy and fun.

The following link is to a website by Jane McWilliams that recounts a few of her pleasant summers here in Wayne  http://jmcwilli.wordpress.com/

Come to Wayne and see if you can create your own journal of delightful times and places, and new friends.